What To Expect At A Montessori Preschool

7 June 2022
 Categories: Education & Development, Blog

Montessori principles support a child's growth through self-discovery and independent or group learning activities. Unlike an educational facility that may rely solely upon teacher-led lessons, a Montessori daycare center encourages independence and utilizes looser monitoring by a teacher. 

The Classroom Setting

A Montessori classroom will feature many learning activities, which may be displayed on shelves, along flooring, and in other areas that youngsters can easily access. There may be a cozy reading nook that is surrounded by picture books and reading materials or a tower of textured blocks that preschoolers' young hands can explore at their leisure.

Some activities may be focused on the everyday activities that the children will be participating in throughout their lives. For instance, a basin that is filled with water and a series of cups and bowls may be featured in a Montessori classroom. These materials can be used to develop pouring skills.

Paints and easels may be offered, which will allow children to develop their artistic skills. There is no set way in which a Montessori classroom may be set up, which makes this type of educational facility truly unique from standard daycares that may be featured in the same region.

The Instruction

Preschoolers who attend a Montessori school will be encouraged to participate in the activities that they enjoy. A preschool program may provide an ample block of time for the youngsters to take part in various activities. There will be quite a bit of structure at this type of preschool and the children will quickly adapt to what their morning routine will entail. As the day progresses, the children may take an active role in preparing for lunch or cleaning up afterward.

Some preschools integrate youngsters of various ages. A preschool class could contain a mix of real young preschoolers and a group of children who are a year or two older. The children will all learn to work together, through trial and error and by observing their teacher. Music may be played during the course of the day, especially during activities that are meant to be relaxing.

A preschool teacher will monitor the children who are in their care and may encourage them to try out new tasks and activities. A Montessori program may include spending time outdoors and learning about the environment. A small garden that the children can tend to or nature walks that involve observing plants and wildlife may be offered at an educational facility like this.