4 Benefits Of A Montessori Kindergarten

5 February 2021
 Categories: Education & Development, Blog

Montessori daycare centers and schools allow students to learn at their own pace. A Montessori kindergarten can benefit children, bridging the gap between home life and elementary school. As a parent, you may wonder whether you should enroll your child in a private Montessori kindergarten. Learning more about the advantages offered at private kindergartens can help you make up your mind. Here are four benefits that your child can experience in this type of educational setting:

1. Spend time with younger children.

Many Montessori kindergartens are situated in daycare centers. The Montessori philosophy recognizes the benefits of allowing kids to spend time with children of various ages. Younger kids can learn from older kids, and older kids can learn to be responsible and generous when interacting with younger kids. At a private Montessori kindergarten, your child can spend time with younger kids they already know from preschool. This type of continuity can be good for children's developing minds.

2. Learn exciting facts and skills.

Kindergarteners are often curious about the world around them and eager to learn. In a Montessori kindergarten, your child's curiosity will be encouraged. Montessori kindergartens don't feature rigid lesson plans. Instead, kids are given the tools and help they need to learn through experience. Storytime can teach kids a love of reading and story. Counting games can prepare kids to learn about math, and coloring can improve your child's fine motor skills.

3. Take on meaningful responsibilities.

Responsibilities are part of life. As people move through the world, they must complete tasks to take care of themselves, their belongings, and the people around them. A Montessori kindergarten will encourage kids to accept age-appropriate responsibilities. For example, kindergarteners can clean up the classroom together after playtime. They can also take turns helping the teacher to distribute snacks or set up the room for naptime. Children often find a sense of satisfaction and pride in helping others.

4. Develop a sense of self-discipline.

In a Montessori kindergarten, your child will have the chance to develop self-discipline. This trait will be increasingly important as your child ages out of kindergarten and begins attending grade school. Kids with self-discipline sit quietly when other people are speaking. They wait their turn to play with toys and listen to teachers when asked to do something. Kindergarten classes will gently teach your child that they sometimes need to defer their desires until the appropriate time.

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