When It Comes To Interesting Jobs, It's Hard To Beat Becoming A Pilot

28 September 2021
 Categories: Education & Development, Blog

Have you always had bigger dreams for yourself than a boring office job where you are chained to a cubicle or desk all day? If you're the type that's more adventure-oriented or you just want a career that's more interesting than most, one possibility you might want to look into is enrolling in flight training at a local aviation school. Becoming a pilot and eventually getting a job with a commercial airline will provide you with a career that's exciting and fulfilling. Here's why you should contact a local flight school for more information today.

People Will Actually Be Interested in Learning More About Your Job

When you go to a bar and mingle or just meet someone new, one of the first questions that people usually ask is what you do for a living. Most standard office gigs aren't that interesting and aren't likely to encourage a lot of follow-up questions. But tell someone you are a pilot for a living, and it's likely they'll actually be interested in learning more about what you do. Being a pilot is just one of those jobs that make people stop and actually pay attention to you. The job has a bit of prestige to it, and everyone will want to hear your stories about what happened the last time you were in the cockpit or had to deal with a crazy passenger on the plane.

Pilots Typically Have Decent Job Security

The COVID-19 pandemic did cause a dip in travel that temporarily sidelined some pilots, but beyond that exception, becoming a pilot has historically offered peace of mind when it comes to being able to find and keep a job. Even during a dip in travel, there are still people out there who will need to travel for business or to visit their loved ones in another state. Once you get in good with a commercial airline and get some experience under your belt, you will have the potential or capability to turn your license to fly into a long career that could span decades. Becoming a pilot for a good or reputable airline is the kind of "destination job" that you stay in for life or until you are ready for retirement.

You'll Have the Personal Satisfaction of Just Being Able to Do Something Really Cool

Completing aviation school and getting all of the training and certifications you need to fly professionally for a commercial airline is not easy and it will take a lot of work. But actually completing this work and getting to live your dream will give you a sense of satisfaction that's hard to get from most other typical 9-to-5 office jobs. Being able to soar through the skies while safely transporting dozens or hundreds of people across the country is just an amazing feeling, and you can start working towards that feeling today by contacting your local flight school.