Electrical Trade Schools: Most Common Questions From Prospective Students

1 January 2018
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Perhaps you have a keen interest in the science of electricity and how it works. Maybe you are interested in developing your skills os you can step into a more precise and in-demand career field. Whatever it is that has you considering electrical trade school, there are many different schools out there that can help you make things happen. But before you get started, you likely have some questions you want to be answered about electrical trade school in general. Here is a look at some of the most common prospective electrical trade school student questions. 

Is it cheaper to go to trade school than it is to go to traditional college?

If you make the decision to go to electrical trade school, you could be making a wise financial choice, and not just because your training could land you with a rewarding career. The truth is, trade school tends to be much cheaper than traditional college tuition. According to The Simple Dollar, the average cost of attending a trade school and completing a program is around $33,000, while going to a traditional college for four years could land you with a $127,000 burden of student debt. 

What are some examples of electrical trade careers beyond just an ordinary electrician?

Becoming an electrician at all is bound to open many doors for you in your career path. However, most trade school goers choose to seek a specific electrician career field, which is easy to do because there are so many different routes you could take. A few examples of electrical trade careers include: 

  • electrical maintenance
  • electrical infrastructure
  • electrical manufacturing 
  • electrical engineering 

The choice of which path you take in electrical training is up to you, and it doesn't have to be one path alone. Many students emerge from an electrical trade school with a diverse listing of trade training that would apply across several different fields. 

How long does an electrical trade school program take to complete?

Trade school programs duration can vary according to the school you choose, the specific line of training you want to pursue, and how much training is involved. For example, to become a fully licensed journeyman electrician, you could be looking at four years of trade school and apprenticeship training. However, not all trade-school students will be interested in going all the way through to become a journeyman or a lineman electrician. Therefore, there are shorter programs as well. 

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