Are You Interested In A Christian-Based Education For Your Children?

27 September 2017
 Categories: Education & Development, Blog

Did you try public schooling for your children and were disappointed with the results? Perhaps classes were too large or you weren't enchanted with the curriculum. It might be, too, that you found that values you are teaching in your home were not being supported in the public school setting. If you are considering a Christian-based education for your children, think of different ways they can receive the instruction you want them to receive at the same time that your values are being respected.

Have you ever thought of home-schooling your children? By teaching your children yourself, you can be very sure that they are learning exactly what you want them to learn. 

  • You can plan your own curriculum for little children who don't need accredited classes.
  • If you are teaching high school aged children, think of finding accredited courses.
  • Help your children to study the lives of people like Roger Williams and George Washington who lived their religion.
  • Study things like science and astrology from the Bible.
  • Join with other families for field trips to places like museums and cathedrals in your area.

If you decide to home school your children, help them learn leadership skills by involving them in things like church youth groups or Christian-based summer camps where they can have opportunities learn from adults that share your values.

If home schooling just isn't for you, think about placing your children in a Christian-based private school.

  • Each day will more than likely start with a prayer and a short devotional.
  • Your children's curriculum will support teachings from their home environment.
  • No foul language, immodest dress or other vulgar things will be allowed.
  • Your children will study events that really happened all over the world.
  • If your children are high-school age, think about finding an accredited Christian-based school.

If your children do attend Christian-based schools, they will more than likely have many opportunities to learn leadership skills. They can probably be part of extra-curricular activities like the debate team and the drama club. Also, it is probably that they will have the opportunity to participate in different sports. 

Whether you home school or whether you enroll your children in a Christian-based private school, like New Hope Christian Academy & Early Learning Center, think of sitting down with your children every evening to talk about things they learned during the day. Encourage them to keep a journal of their daily activities. In addition, keep close to their teachers so that you can keep up with your children's progress at school.