4 Questions To Ask Before Picking Out A Good Preschool

25 September 2017
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Sending a child to preschool is a huge deal. The right preschool will prepare your youngster for kindergarten. There are a lot of different preschools in existence, but not all of them offer the same things. Asking questions before picking a school is crucial. The answers given to you by the different providers could help you pick out a school based on your own child's needs.

Is Self-Paced Learning Encouraged?

Start by finding out if self-paced learning is encouraged. Your child is young and is at the age where he or she loves to explore. Some children are naturally good at certain things but may struggle in other areas. Self-paced learning would give your youngster an opportunity to move at a pace he or she is comfortable with rather than being reprimanded for not moving as fast as other children may be moving through the curriculum.

What is the Schedule Like Each Day?

Find out what types of things your child would have to do on a daily basis. Most preschools have a set schedule that they like to stick to, which may include arts and crafts, language arts, numbers, and even play time. You may want to make sure the preschool you're selecting sticks to a schedule so that your child can get into a better routine while preparing for kindergarten in the near future.

Is a Packed Lunch Required?

Make sure to ask this question so that you know if you'll need to pack a lunch on a daily basis or if food is provided to your child throughout his or her stay at preschool. Many preschools provide free breakfast, lunch, and snack, but it's always better to find out this information for sure instead of assuming it'll be provided for your little one.

What Types of Things Are Taught?

Out of curiosity, you may want to make sure your child is learning a lot of important things that will prepare him or her for days when he'll have full-time classes in kindergarten. Ask about the different lessons that children are taught in preschool. The teachers may put a focus on reading, handwriting, and learning how to share.

If your child has reached that age where he or she is ready for preschool, look around at options in your area and ask questions prior to completing any signups. There may be many schools available where you live, but not all may offer the kinds of things that are most important to you, which is why it helps to ask questions and receive answers to help you make your decision.

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